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Scale ice / Flake ice

Scale ice / Flake ice for:

  • meat-processing
  • bakery
  • fish-storage
  • fish-transport
  • poultry-processing
  • supermarket
  • hotels
  • tinning factories
  • hospitals
  • laboratories
  • concrete - cooling

On the basis of our lengthy experience we have developed a new generation of flake ice machines.

This new design doesn't require any seals in the cooling circuit, therefore no refrigerant can escape. Our top priorities are quality, long-life, hygiene, energy conservation and protection of the environment. Because hygiene is such an important factor in ice production, you can empty and clean the water-tank of our machines very easily.

Because of our progressive building, you only have to clean the fins of the condenser. Due to this special technology our ice machines produce consistently dry ice down to -8°C. 

All machines are built with stainless steel cases.

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